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Week #5 Day 4 29Oct14: No Matter What!

Today was a very hectic day work day.  Didn’t get to the afternoon readings until 4pm, and the sit until late in the evening with some sleep time thrown in.  I always know when I fall asleep cause the end comes much more quickly.  But my subby knows I mean business because I do these activities no matter what!

Week #5 Day 3 28Oct14: Good Thing We All Have Each Other Cause We’re So Up and Down

Today my super-powers have come back – the family left the house before I did this morning, so I could go anywhere I wanted to preach and yell my subby programming at myself

A bonus of this whole activity is an improvement in public speaking.  I am reading GS out loud all three times every day, and I now find my reading to be more eloquent, but it also illustrates the exciting fact that I am becoming an observer of myself – I am watching myself and seeing how I’m improving.  Being a musician, I read a book called Effortless Mastery where a Jazz Pianist talks about getting a piece of music so familar that he can just sit back and listen to the performance as his body plays the music without your intervention.  This is truly the subby at work.  He is not consciously thinking about every note as he plays it.  He has created a vast neural net which when triggered, moves his body, arms and fingers in just the right way to produce that amazing music.

But I am both happy and unhappy with my DMP.  Now when I read it to myself I get louder and louder and I’m pretty deafening when I get to the emotional parts cause I am by nature very emotional, so I suppose that my DMP reflecting my PPNs is “correct” because of the physical and emotional response it evokes from me when I’m reading it.  However, the “incorrect” part is that I see it as a living document that needs to change as I change, as my SMART goals get met, and my PPNs perhaps get more saturated, others may surface as being more important.

Week #5 Day 2 27Oct14: Back in the Molasses Again

Today my subby was really protesting and trying to get me to stop doing the exercises, or slacking them off, or putting them off.  I felt physically tired as well, low energy, which was also challenging.  But I refused to give in.  Now I’m struggling the perfection demon in writing my first movie trailer version, which I’ve been putting off because my DMP is still not fully approved, although it’s really close.  Now I’m going to write it no matter what, but it feels just like the DMP did originally – don’t know where to start and worried that I’ll “get it wrong”!  There ain’t nuthin’ new under the sun.  I got the DMP done, so I’ll get the movie trailer done too!

Week #4 Day 7 25Oct14: The Effortless Battle with The Amazing Subby!

Last weekend my extra task on the DMP card did not get done, it was too big and too long, so it is rescheduled.  However, this week’s was a different story.  Today I said to my wife just before dinner, gotta go do my chore, it’s on my card, I have to!  She said can I look at this card, I want to add to it?  I said no, only one per week! It was nice to have a good laugh about things that usually frustrate her.

Week #4 Day 6 24Oct14: The Good News? The New Habits are Even Harder to Break

I’m so good at giving advice and I so often don’t take it myself!  This is still a “my subby” battle and mine certainly doesn’t accept change willingly or easily for the replacement of old habits.  But this is comforting and empowering, because once we have replaced the old bad habits with good strong new ones, then moved into reinforcement mode with those good strong new ones that fulfill our DMPs and PPNs, how difficult it will be to NOT do the right thing! Today was a day of power, insight, control and light!  great readings, master keys and sit. We must embrace is present tense active, and keep embracing until there are no more challenges, then embrace the work of maintaining those victories!

Week #4 Day 5 23Oct14: Sun in the Rain

Today it’s raining here in the Canadian Pacific Northwest, but it’s sun cause our sunshine comes from within! Was at Costco last night and the two ladies at the till we’re smiling and laughing with me and couldn’t do enuf to help me, and another guy stepped up to help and actually went to the shelves to get me an item I’d forgotten. Don’t get that kind of service usually – maybe this master keys stuff really works!!!

Spent an hour an a half commuting to work this morning in the rain, but time is never wasted – listend to the master keys part 4 audio twice – remember to redeem your down time task time with listening to the audio or listening to last Sunday’s webinar over again – i get new insights everyt time I listen!

Week #4 Day 4 22Oct14: Keep On Toward Full Control

Today my old blueprint reared it’s ugly head and I really didn’t want to go down to my usual spot in the backseat of my car to do my midday DMP, Greatest Salesman and Service card reads.  Funny because in the morning I had no problem doing the morning activities and masterkeys and sit.  I’m so up and down, but looking forward to being able to fully control my thoughts, so that nothing affects me, not the moods of other people, the weather (is that why you moved to Kauai, Mark? :)), the state of the culture and the world, NOTHING!  It will be a lifelong journey I know, but I want to keep getting better and better!

Week #4 Day 3 21Oct14: MKMMA Before Business

One of the biggest reasons I am doing MKMMA and working so hard at it is that I know I need it to get me to my goals.  I have a separate business goals and followup group I have been in since July, and it just hasn’t been happening to the degree I was hoping. We meet every two weeks on Tuesdays, and it was hard to go again this week and have my goals not be met, but I’m confident that I need to make MKMMA my first priority and my business, which is part of my DMP, will become effortless.

Having said that, tonight I was honored to have the North American leader in my company and his wife come to do a meeting in my home, and we had 30 people in attendance, 2 of which were my guests.  So I still manage to work some business in with MKMMA 🙂